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Medical Exemption

Following the coordination with the NAJA, all applicants for medical exemption may, after studying the Executive Examinations and Medical Exemptions of the Public Service Officers and the Diseases List of the aforementioned bylaws , refer to the following documents. The Islamic Republic of Iran in their country of residence.

Documents needed to file a medical exemption case

  1. The origin of the medical records relating to the patient’s records, as well as a report of the patient’s current status in one of the Persian or English languages ​​and with the approval of the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the country of residence, together with a complete copy of them (if any, Medical records must be subject to Iran must be approved by the Iranian Medical System before any action is taken)
  2. Original and (2 series) copy of valid Iranian passport
  3. Original and (2 series) copies of all pages of the birth certificate
  4. Original and (2 series) copy on back of national card
  5. Six pieces of passport-size photograph
  6. Original and copy of the residence permits
  7. Original and (2 series) copy of latest qualification
  8. Medical Exemption Application Form
  9. Setting up a letter of attorney in the middle tier system for tracking the case at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Task Force.

Applicants should note that the documents presented will first be approved by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s representative office in the country of residence and will then be sent to a medical examination center for offshore residents based in Munich (Germany). Notify the relevant medical center of the medical records of the general duty of the NAJA (medical by-laws and exemptions) to the medical center in question. If the disease is diagnosed within the scope of the rules of procedure, a date will be set for the applicant to attend the relevant medical center.

The subject is required to be present at the site for the necessary examinations at the specified date. Finally, the documents are finalized after the physician’s theory and approved by the Medical Center through the Department of Iranian Affairs ( located at Building 3 ) by the applicant’s father, mother, or lawyer to the Naja Public Order Organization (located in Tehran – Sepah Square). A check and issuance of an exemption card will be sent.


  1. All the above mentioned documents must be submitted by one of the medical examination centers of foreigners residing in Munich (Germany) – Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – Beijing (China) Residence in the country of residence. Submissions will not be formalized in any other way and will be returned.
  2. Dear compatriots, to follow up on the status of their medical exemption case through their Residence Representation and to contact the Medical Examiners Centers residing abroad in the cities of Munich (Germany) – Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – Beijing ( China).
  3. Upon receipt of the full documentation, the medical center concerned shall coordinate with the physician, physician or hospital trustee of the medical commission as to the timing of the in-person examination and shall notify the representative of the place of residence (where appropriate). Avoid direct contact with the medical center in question when scheduling medical examinations)
  4. According to the regulations of the Medical Commission, the presence of applicants for medical exemptions for the relevant examinations as well as the authentication is required on the date that the relevant medical center determines to have a passport and other Iranian identity documents at the designated medical examination place. Obviously, his absence on the due date constitutes a cancellation and his case will be filed without any action.
  5. Monitoring of matters related to obtaining a national visa, medical examinations, accommodation and accommodation (if required) and medical expenses and other related matters are the responsibility of the person concerned and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s overseas departments are not responsible for any They have no ultrasound.
  6. The final determination, acceptance or rejection of medical exemption applications is the responsibility of the Medical Commission established by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Duty System within the country and to perform examinations at the medical examination centers of foreigners residing in the cities of Munich (Germany) – Dubai (UAE). United Arab Emirates) – Beijing (China) will not be a reason to certify medical exemptions.
  7. Obviously, if the relevant request is rejected by the Medical Commission of the Task Force, the applicant is recognized as missing and is absent from the date of refusal (if he / she is absent from military service).
  8. Provide separate copies of medical exemption file documents (A4)

Dear compatriots, for more information on the medical exemption rules and conditions, can visit the website of the Consular Service at vazifeh.police.ir . The material and moral damages resulting from lack of awareness of the laws and regulations are the responsibility of the applicant.

Important note:

According to the decision of the Public Service Regulatory Authority, the medical exemption requirement does not apply to students who are committed to service or who have been expelled on bail.

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