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Exit Permits

Overseas traffic

According to the new announcement of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the facilities for the movement of the foreigners living abroad are as follows:

  1. All persons who have resided abroad for at least three years may travel to the country for a period of three months and up to twice a year after the special stamp is inserted in the passport.
    (Note) If the person has been expelled from the country with the permission of the Public Service Authority to continue his / her education, the period of study shall not be considered as staying abroad and the length of stay after graduation and entry into absence shall be the criterion.
  2. All absent overseas residents who have been absent for more than 8 years can only travel to the country by the end of this year, so prior to the above date, they must determine the status of duty Pay the fine or do the necessary service.
  3. The special withdrawal stamp of the persons subject to birth shall be subject to the following table.
    Year of birth Traffic deadline
    Consultants have less than 5 years absence 1400/12/29
    Consultants have 5 years absence 1399/12/30
    Consultants have 6 years absenteeism 1398/12/29
    Consultants have 7 years absenteeism 1397/12/29
    Consultants have 8 years of absence and more Action to buy service
  4. Persons who have previously applied for the stamp of departure of the stamp holder and in that stamp “… is authorized to hold a passport for secondary information … beyond the permissible limits …” stipulated only by the end of 1396 may This stamp should be used and then they will need to obtain a new stamp. If they are born in 1992 or later, they can apply for the new stamp before the end of the year according to the table above.
  5. Eligible individuals who are over 50 years old are exempt from duty and their photographic ID is a service exemption card.
  6. All persons born in the years 1346 to 1354 are subject to amnesty and are not subject to special exclusion stamps. Applicants are required to apply for a waiver card by completing the relevant documentation at the Requesting Agent and after obtaining confirmation through a lawyer or in person with the +10 Police.
  7. Residence in the passport of applicants for special exit stamp must be abroad. If the passport specifies the country of residence of Iran, first change the passport and then request a departure date.
  8. Those who use student exit stamps should not use absentee stamps as they are eligible for academic exemption.
  9. Persons who come of age in the coming years should review the latest rules of service at the beginning of each year from the agency.

Required Documents

  1. Complete a Leave Exit Permit Form ( G6 )
  2. Presentation of the original Iranian passport
  3. A passport or other document indicating your stay abroad for more than three years.


In order to avoid administrative problems and waste of time, before traveling to the country to apply for a special leave, the consular agents should visit their place of residence under the new law on the duty of every Iranian male from the first month of life to a full 18 years. Arrives, is subject to public duty (year of leave = 18th birthday + for example) Born 30/07/1377 is allowed to leave the country only until the end of August 2016 and is required to obtain the said permit in September 2016 To take action.

UKIRAC Application Processing
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*Online applications require the uploading of douments and photographs as stated in the application requirements. In some cases online application is not possible as original documents are required. You will be advised in such scenarios and be given the choice to post documents or apply in person at the Consulate.