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Student Transfer to Iran

Transfer students to universities inside the country

Overseas Iranian students can apply for transfer to one of the public, non-profit, nonprofit universities, institutes of higher education, Islamic Azad University, Applied Science and Technology University, and Payam Noor University as follows:

(A) Submit the following documents to the Consular Section for confirmation:
  1. Principle of English Language Course Transcripts sealed by the University
  2. Principle and Image ( on sheet A4 ) The last qualification obtained
  3. A return envelope with sufficient stamps for the custom post, with the applicant’s address inserted
(B) Submitting the following documents to the Student Affairs Office of Iran:
  1. Completed Application for Student Transfer [ 411 ]
  2. Principles of English Language Course Approved Course Outline (Consular Approved)
  3. Origin and image ( on sheet A4 ) of the last degree obtained (consular approval)
  4. Images of the above documents by the student by email daneshjou @ msrt.ir Submit to Student Affairs Administration.
(C) The process of reviewing the request and transfer
  1. The Student Affairs Office shall review and announce the results within a maximum of two months after the date of receipt of the application and complete documentation.
  2. If you agree with one of the scientific institutes proposed in the application [ 411 ], the student transfer order is issued by the head of the Transition Council to the applicant and destination institution.
  3. In case of disagreement with the applicant institutions, the Directorate General for Student Affairs within a maximum of five institutions that are more in compliance with the student requirements shall select and propose to the applicant after approval by the Transfer Council.
  4. The applicant, by selecting one of the proposed institutions, declares its readiness for transfer.
  5. The transfer order is issued by the Chairman of the Council to the applicant and destination institution.

Note 1: The applicant’s enrollment in the first semester after the issuance of the transfer order is effective.

Note 2: In accordance with the provisions of note 8 of the Regulations, the Institute shall notify the Directorate General of Student Affairs of the Transfer after registration of the applicant.

For more information, please refer to the Student Affairs Office system


UKIRAC Application Processing
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Benefits include:

  • Assistance with applications that involve MIKHAK online processing - making the process easier to obtain a MIKHAK reference number.
  • Automatied texts offering tips and links to download forms etc.
  • We can enquire about the progress of applications that are being processed and provide updates.
  • Option to process applications online / via post.
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*Online applications require the uploading of douments and photographs as stated in the application requirements. In some cases online application is not possible as original documents are required. You will be advised in such scenarios and be given the choice to post documents or apply in person at the Consulate.