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Allow Student Exit

Student Exit Permit: A permit issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s overseas agencies in the passport and through which the holder of the passport can be expelled from the country for certain times.

Accordingly, overseas students who have completed, completed, and approved the academic course on the TAC system or are licensed to use non-foreign exchange facilities may have their student passports expired for a period of three months for a total of four months. Each school year is listed.

  1. The basis for the stamp entry is the student’s withdrawal from each academic year, for example students who have been enrolled in summer or winter semesters by submitting a certificate of employment and licensed for non-exchange facilities from the first of September of that year until the end of September. It will be the following year (for example, if a student submits a study certificate at any time during the academic year to obtain a student exit permit, the student leave will be valid from 01/07/1394 to 31/06/95).
  2. It is necessary for students to obtain permission to exit the student body from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s overseas departments (Embassy, ​​Consulate General or the Office of Interest Protection).
  3. If the student intends to travel to the country in late September and intends to leave the country after the first of September, after submitting positive documents and a certificate of employment stating that he / she is eligible for further study. A student exit permit is available for the following year.
  4. Subject to paragraph 2, inserting a student exit permit or issuing a letter for students who have failed to obtain a student exit permit for any reason may not be permitted by the State Department.
  5. Students or family members (spouse and children under the age of responsibility) who enter the country with a student exit permit do not need to go to the Iranian Law Enforcement Passport and pay the exit fees when leaving the country.

UKIRAC Application Processing
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Benefits include:

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*Online applications require the uploading of douments and photographs as stated in the application requirements. In some cases online application is not possible as original documents are required. You will be advised in such scenarios and be given the choice to post documents or apply in person at the Consulate.