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Last Name Change

Note: Renaming or surname in English references without coordination with Iranian circles does not necessitate the change of name or surname in Iranian documents.

In Iranian registration laws, it is possible to change the name and surname. Anyone who wishes to change his or her name for reasons such as inappropriate or inappropriate, may submit the following documents.

This request will be sent to the Center along with the following documents for review. The duration of this study is approximately six months.

Note: If you wish to change your name other than the above, it is recommended that you act in person or through the installation of a lawyer and a warrant from the courts in the country.

Last name change conditions

Applicants for a change of surname may change their surname in accordance with Articles 40 to 42 of the Registration Act and, subject to the conditions set forth herein, after the approval of the competent registration authority.


  1. The holder of the surname’s priority is the person who is the first to have his surname registered in the territory of any independent registry office (the criterion of recognition will be the date of issue of the registrar’s certificate or birth certificate).
  2. Anyone who has attained the age of 18 (18 years of age) may, by observing the provisions of this Instruction, have his or her last name selected by means of an unconditional word (the other person is not entitled to that word) or with the permission of the right holder for one time. Change.
  3. If the surname of the father is changed, the surname of the children less than eighteen years of age may be changed by written request of the father. Children over the age of eighteen can use their father’s new surname by obtaining permission from the father.
  4. It is forbidden to use the surname of the couple for marriage at the time of marriage by issuing a permit from the couple without respecting the right of priority. If the wife withdraws and her request is made, she will be returned to her former surname.
  5. The choice of words that contradict the applicant’s document (birth certificate) is forbidden by last name.
  6. It is only possible to change the surname with special items only once and it is not possible to change it again.
  7. The proposed surname shall be registered with the applicant if there is no conflict. Therefore, the applicant can select at most ten surnames in order of priority. The Office of the Registrar shall register the first surname in the order of priority for the applicant without prior notice.
  8. This request will be sent to the Center along with the following documents for review. The duration of this study is approximately six months.

Last name changes

Eligible persons can request their last name change:

  1. Family name should be inappropriate words, such as: poor, beggar and the like.
  2. A surname should be more than two words, such as a barbarian dagger, a False Ingredient, and the like.
  3. The surname has been or has been combined with foreign words such as: Aliyev, Johansson, Charlton, Galilson, etc.
  4. The surname should be from words defamed or contrary to the values ​​of Islamic culture, such as: Religion, Satanism, and the like.
  5. The surname should be from words attributed to positions or titles, such as: Colonel, Khan, Engineer and the like.
  6. Surname of place names or attributed to place and inappropriate.
  7. Whenever an effective criminal conviction is imposed on a family member, having that last name causes shame and embarrassment.
  8. Whenever the surname is changed to unite with the surname of the father, paternal grandfather, child, brother, sister and uncle.
  9. Change of family name to unite with family name of a man whose mother has officially married to him after the death of the father of the child, in accordance with Iranian law, subject to other relevant provisions.

Items with a prefix or a family name extension

Eligible persons can request the removal of their surname prefix or suffix in the following cases:

  1. A family name should be a combination of a word and place name or place name, such as Hafni Tehrani, Tabrizi Radmenesh and the like.
  2. Family name should be a combination of a word and tribe name such as: Hosseini Bakhtiari, Zarvandi Ahmadi and the like.
  3. A family name should be a combination of a word and the name of a letter or business such as: Bancdar Qasemi, Majidi Saqtchi, etc.
  4. Whenever the prefix or suffix of a family name, letter, number or word is excessive, such as M. Qasemi, Majesty of the Seven, the late Hosseini, etc.

Required documents

  1. Complete the surname form ( S_O5 )
  2. Originals and two copies of all pages
  3. Three pieces of new photo (passport size) full face, without hat and glasses and with white background with the details of the holder written on it and the picture of women wearing Islamic veil.
  4. Completion of the Dispute Settlement Appeal Form
  5. Consular fee £40.

Required documents after receiving positive response

If you receive a positive response from the IRAN by changing your last name, the applicant must, by submitting the following documents, apply for a replacement with your new last name.

Please refer to the birth certificate replacement page. *

UKIRAC Application Processing
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Benefits include:

  • Assistance with applications that involve MIKHAK online processing - making the process easier to obtain a MIKHAK reference number.
  • Automatied texts offering tips and links to download forms etc.
  • We can enquire about the progress of applications that are being processed and provide updates.
  • Option to process applications online / via post.
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*Online applications require the uploading of douments and photographs as stated in the application requirements. In some cases online application is not possible as original documents are required. You will be advised in such scenarios and be given the choice to post documents or apply in person at the Consulate.